I’m BACK baby

The year 2012 marked my first blog post under the alias ‘Good Food, Good Mood– the brand was established after I realised how often I had been asked for recommendations on where to eat (and other food insights) by friends and family.

The Melbourne food scene was a simple time 5 years ago, there were no poke bowls, freak shakes, or heavily decorated donuts with a $6 price tag. There were only < 10 cafes you could dine at (like Industry Beans, Dead Man Espresso, Hammer & Tong etc) but they were all quality. Fast forward 5 years (with the addition of infinite food bloggers along the way) and our city is in full force for FOOD. I am so proud to live in a city that celebrates restaurants and foodie related events. Restaurateurs are more creative with their menus and shop fit outs, and even food delivery (UberEATS in particular) has made a strong impact to the food landscape in the last year.

2017 is the year I tune back in to what I love; and that is eating, and writing honest reviews about the food experiences. No more going on a writing hiatus.

Shout out to the people who still read my blog, still follow my social media channels, still ask me for food recommendations, who helped make my blog banners over the years, and to the people who dine with me and patiently wait until I take my #foodporn photos before they pick up their cutlery to eat (you know the camera always eats first). You guys are loyal ♡

Photos are taken from an iPhone 7 plus or Sony Alpha Nex-F3.

– Lisa Pizza

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